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Stopping A Hurricane With Acoustic Transducers

cusesect 16. Mai 2013

In order to become a pilot, one must log a pre-determined number of flight simulation hours before they are allowed to actually fly a plane. Astronauts also benefit from simulator training. It would not be very cost effective or responsible to put an astronaut onto a rocket ship and say;

“Don’t worry; you’ll get the hang of it!”

The purpose of simulation training is to put the trainee in situations that are as realistic as possible in order to provide them with experience, risk free. If you are in the market for a product that will teach you to drive race cars, than your finances will feel it at a cost of about $200,000. What about the simulators they use at NASA? Priced out of this world, literally.

So, we have simulators for aspiring pilots, oil tanker captains and race car drivers. However, in order to obtain a license (in most States), you have to pass a 50 – 100 Oil Press question oil press multiple choice test. After passing this test, you can take your Road Test on a sunny Tuesday afternoon and voila! You are now a licensed driver.

The United States sees approximately 40,000 fatalities a year due to motor vehicles. This number is a part of the nearly 3 million injuries caused by motor vehicles every year. Of these 3 million injuries it is a certainty that a large number of these injuries could have been prevented if young drivers had had access to simulator training in the first place.

The injuries are a cost burden for society in terms of medicare costs, productivity loss, and potential legal costs.

The driving education industry has not matured to the point where it is worthwhile for an individual company to purchase a simulator. They would put themselves out of business. Additionally, this type of training is not mandatory anywhere. This means that if a driving school did purchase a simulator, there is no motivation for the driver trainee to pay the extra fees to use the simulator.

When the government discusses stimulus spending, why not include the purchase of say 10 simulators for a large municipality or district? This would not be a cost, but rather an investment if it could lower the possibility of young people getting into accidents on the road.

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