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cusesect 23. Mai 2013

Sony’s new HMZ-T1 personal 3D and HD headset (reviewed here) is making waves around the tech world. The headset appears backordered, but is on display at the Century City Mall in Los Angeles.

All indications are that Sony is going to make this new kind of device mainstream. If they don’t, you can bet Apple will make sure half of America has a personal viewer. My source familiar with Apple has confirmed that Apple has been working on a similar unit for the past couple of years and has come up with some prototypes, but won’t release one until it lives up to Apple’s standards.

“Apple doesn’t want to release a personal viewer that you have to plug in. They don’t want to release one that looks like you are an alien from outer space when you wear it. Apple wants one that can connect to your iPad, iPhone, or MacBook and one you can actually work out with and not have people think you are some type of clown,” my source says.

You can bet that like Sony’s viewer, Apple’s would be 3D capable sol republic headphones as well. “Apple doesn’t want to push 3D on people, but believes it should be available for the growing amount of people who can see the advantages of 3D movies that are filmed well.”

Apple is currently working on a television with glasses-free capabilities that is said to be unlike anything released in the market today. They are also considering a future iPad and another portable device that has 3D capabilities.

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