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cusesect 28. Dezember 2012

Sen. Jim Webb is asking for more tickets for Virginians, because his office has recieved 26,000 emails and phone calls from folks who want to be there.

Here footnote from Webb office:

As of this morning, our office has received in excess of 26,000 requests for tickets, with tens of thousands of tickets requested.*

And here the text of Webb letter to Sen. 20510

Dear Madame replica omega Chairman:

you determine how tickets will be allotted to congressional offices for the Inaugural Swearing-In ceremony, I ask that you consider Virginia’s proximity to the nation’s capital and the large number of federal employees who reside Cheap Omega Watches within the Commonwealth.

My office has already received in excess of 26,000 ticket requests from Virginians, often requesting multiple tickets each, for the Swearing-In ceremony. It is our hope to accommodate as many residents of the Capital-area as possible, and I hope you take into consideration our unique situation.

I appreciate your time and consideration in ensuring a fair and viable system for Inaugural activities.

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